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Yuki Kitsuda Gallery – Portfolio [Fine Art] [Painting]

Yuki Kitsuda is an artist from Japan, she have a B.A. in Fine Arts and works primarily with Oil and Acryl in her paintings.
You can view a gallery of Yuki Kitsuda’s paintings at her portfolio:
I really like her artwork. My recent favourite is the blue one I attached to this post, called “Urban Winter”.
Apart from [...]

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皆さん、始めまして。 私は禅の意味について話します。 禅を知っていますか。 それとも聞いた事がありますか。 禅をどう思いますか。

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Kamakura trip 2009-08-22

At the end of my summer holidays I went to Kamakura, a beautiful little city at the sea, just about 1 hour south of Tokyo. The city is known as the east version of Kyoto wich means it is very traditional and includes alot of beautiful shrines and temples. Another thing Kamakura is known for [...]

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Developing new Social networking website

My blog had a recent downtime lately because I got conflicts when I installed another set of tools for a new website I am developing. But now everything is workin fine again!

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New website feature: Discussion Board

I recently installed a discussion forum powered by “BBpress” wich is a sister project of “Wordpress”.

Please have a look!

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HTML5 and The Future of the Web


Some have embraced it, some have discarded it as too far in the future, and some have abandoned a misused friend in favor of an old flame in preparation. Whatever side of the debate you’re on, you’ve most likely heard all…

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Do you Friendfeed?

Friendfeed is a great way to share various content with your friends in an intelligent manner. It supports a wide range of different services ex. rss feeds (blogs), flickr, twitter, facebook, stumbleupon, delicious, digg, google reader, youtube,, etc..
If you have a friendfeed account please let me know.

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27 idag!

Blev 27 idag. Börjar känna mig gammal. :( Ge mig en 2a i Stockholm som present! ^^
Jag åker hem till Sverige i Oktober så letar efter någon andrahands med min flickvän just nu.

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Summer holiday in Tokyo

I Finally completed the 3rd level of KAI Japanese school and am currently enjoying some small holiday in the hot, but rainy Tokyo.

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Extrawelt – Error Medley EP

Released: May 2009, Label: Maschine, Format: Vinyl, 12″, Genre: Minimal, Techno

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